Red Oil is one of America’s oldest topical antiseptics. Red Oil is a strong antiseptic property that soothes wounds and promotes healing. It has been used for cuts, scratches, scrapes, and burns since the 1930s. The South’s Best-Kept Healing Secret! Its tried-and-true curative powers continue to provide simple relief for life’s small hurts in a world overrun by designer drugs and prescription painkillers. Its well-earned reputation for instant pain relief and healing continues to be proven every day in factories and homes across the country. Previously called “So-Fas-Co Oil”. the healing solution fondly referred to as “that red oil” was developed in the early 1930s. The creator was an inventor/entrepreneur named Cleo Everhart. Michelle Thompson wrote an article in the “Our State Magazine North Carolina” in June of 2004 titled “Seeing Red”.  In the article, she talks about how Red OIl was started and how it has helped many over the years. As it is, the Southern First Aid Supply Company remains closely tied to its North Carolina textile roots, obscure to almost everyone except the employees introduced to it in mill infirmaries and to those employees’ children. Often, the bottle brought home years age remains in service, passed down from one generation to another. Product longevity makes customers happy, but as Red Oil’s employees will tell you, it’s not good for their bottom line. It becomes the customer’s problem, too, when a 20-year-old bottle finally runs out. The company’s Lexington headquarters often receive urgent letters from users trying to find more. “We have almost used all of our precious supply,” and “I was careful how I used it.” Others sound more desperate: “You are my last resort,” they say. Not all customer letters are emotionally charged but read through a stack of them, and you will begin to feel one thing for certain: There are as many uses for Red Oil as there are users, despite product labeling which says Red Oil is made for use on minor cuts, burns, and bug bites.

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    Red Oil is a product like no other. It has been around for so long for a reason. Those who have used it understand the curative powers it holds.

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