Countless people have written to the Red Oil Company over the years, acclaiming its many wonderful virtues. Parents prefer Red Oil’s pain-free healing on their children’s small hurts to alcohol’s painful properties. The list of common usage has been as diverse and interesting as the people who use Red Oil. From bed sores to paper cuts, from mosquito bites to rug burn, Red Oil has come to the rescue.

The Red oil company


“My oldest son will be 5 years-old this September. He is 100% ALL BOY and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, with that being said he is so energetic and is such a dare devil that I have to always have some sort of First-Aid kit on me. I was introduced to Red Oil in December 2020 and was a little skeptical of using it. Well not only does it work miracles but my toddler does not scream when I have to apply it on his ‘boo boos’. He now will go straight to my purse or bathroom cabinet to pull out the Red Oil for me to apply to whatever it may be, from mosquito bites, bee stings, etc. My husband has even started using it on his poison oak when he gets it, which is a lot. It truly is a miracle first-aid solution and the best part is, it looks like we have barely used any out of our 2 ounce bottle.” -J. P. June, 2021


Winston-Salem, NC

 “I had clipped off part of the tip of my finger with yard clippers and the oozing wouldn’t stop. (Cutting sticks for “antlers” for Centenary Christmas craft night! Even took the little piece I cut off to my Doctors to see if I should go to ER). We were on a family vacation when my friend’s dad pulled out the Red Oil. One night of red oil-soaked piece of Q-tip cotton under a bandaid….and Shazam! There was a film of the skin and the healing began! No more open and oozing sore. So I’ve always been a believer!!”

July, 2019

S. P.

Nashville, TN

“Red Oil is a miracle! It will get rid of blemishes, cuts, burns, any skin irritations in just a very few simple and quick applications with only a Q tip! I don’t leave home without it! Seriously, when I travel… it’s the first thing I put in my carry-on! LOVE IT!”

January, 2021

A. C.

Charlotte, NC

“I’m not one to be high on products until I found red oil. Red oil is the fasting-acting treatment you can use for almost anything. I use it on acne, rashes, and almost every night I use it on these bumps I get on the back of my legs (that most girls get from being in yoga pants or tight pants too much). Red oil is life-changing and a product that is a staple in my routine!!”

May, 2020


Thomasville, NC

“A real good medicine for cuts and bruises.”


Jacksonville, FL

“I have found nothing better for children’s wounds.”


Philadelphia, PA

“Red Oil is the best first aid for mosquito bites when I’m hunting or fishing.”


Atlanta, GA

“Exactly what we needed for numerous carpet burns and bruises.”


Richmond, VA

“It’s been a great medicine for my family for many decades.”