About Us

In a world overrun by designer drugs and prescription pain killers, Red Oil’s tried-and-true curative powers continue to provide simple relief for life’s small hurts. Its well-earned reputation for instant pain relief and healing continues to be proven every day in factories and homes across the country. 

Originally called “So-Fas-Co Oil,” the healing solution fondly referred to as “that red oil” was developed in the early 1930s. The creator was an inventor and entrepreneur named Cleo Everhart. He and a pharmacist discovered a formula with strong antiseptic properties that soothed wounds rather than burned, and at the same time, promoted healing. 

Red Oil immediately accepted by the furniture, textile, and steel industries. It wasn’t long before hundreds of factories and mills were stocking cases of Red Oil in their first-aid rooms. Workers began taking Red Oil home and sharing it with their families.  Three generations later, the positive effects of Red Oil’s soothing and healing properties are still being felt. Why is it still around? Because it works! 


Customers have been writing letters since the 1980s until now asking where they can buy Red Oil. People would come from all over the States to purchase Red Oil and when they would get back home, they had a hard time finding it. When first created it was only sold in select pharmacies in the South. Thanks to technology we can now get your orders straight from our website and have them shipped out to you in no time! This small town family-owned business has heard your demands and has finally taken action to make it easier for you to purchase your favorite first-aid product.