“Got a little hurt. Get a little Red Oil.”

Red Oil Healing Solution

The South’s best-kept healing secret since 1930

Have you ever wished that there was one product that you could use not only for first aid but also for bug bites, acne, skin irritation, razor burn, etc.? Look no further, we have the best kept secret that has been tucked away in the little town of Thomasville, North Carolina. Red Oil, a Family-Owned Company, has made a one stop shop for you to be able to purchase directly from the source. Proven to work for over half a century, the burn free topical solution (kids love it too!) belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet or cosmetic bag! We cannot wait for you to try it out and experience its curative powers for yourself!

Red Oil Healing Solution


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Do you ever have
Razor Burn?
Skin Irritation?


“Red Oil is my go-to when it comes to blemishes, cuts, and general first aid. Red Oil zaps pimples just after one or two uses while also making sure the spot is clean and bacteria-free.”

“I discovered Red Oil a few years ago and it has been a go-to of mine ever since! It has been a lifesaver for blemishes, cuts and scrapes, and ingrown hairs.  I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet, make-up bag, car, and everywhere in between!”

“I’m not one to be high on products until I found Red Oil. Red Oil is the fasting-acting treatment you can use for almost anything. I use it on acne, rashes, and almost every night I use it on these bumps I get on the back of my legs (that most girls get from being in yoga pants or tight pants too much). Red Oil is life-changing and a product that is a staple in my routine!!”